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Tai Chi is medicine

It has been proven to reduce stress, reduce arthritic pain and improve joint movement. Its emphasis on balance is a vital tool for those looking for falls prevention therapy. Its meditative aspect calms your mind.

  Winter break

December 1, 2016 until January 15th 2017

Last class Wednesday November 30th.
First class Monday January 16th 2017.

New beginners class starts Monday January 16th 2017 6:00 PM

Please tell your friends.

Here is a short piece by my teacher Dr. Martin Inn


Whenever I watch people do the form, I can see directly into their cultivation of “Qi”. In the beginning the form looks crude and without grace. The steps are clumsy, the arms look stiff, and there is no flexibility in the body. When the body moves, big sections of the body are stuck together and there is a lot of stagnation. This is the exact reflection of the inner state of their “Qi”. The “Qi” is like raw or crude metal that has not been tempered and refined. However as the years go by and the body relaxes, the form becomes more smooth, more elegant, and more refined. The steps are smooth and empty, and the body seems as if it has no bones. This begins to reflect a more refined state of the “Qi”. The “Qi” mobilizes the body and it easily follows the direction of the mind. There is excellence of roundness and smoothness and it is nurtured without harm. The “Qi” moves as in a pearl with nine passages without breaks and spreads throughout without hinderance, so that there is no part of the body it cannot reach.” Practicing the form everyday is gathering, refining and tempering the “Qi”. This is the inner practice of T’ai Chi.

  Beginners Tai Chi Chuan
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Tuesdays and Thursdays  6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

  Saturday morning workout
 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
All levels welcome

 Private classes available


2333 SE 40th Ave.


The first thing I teach and most important principle in my mind is

that Tai Chi Chuan is all about understanding how to “relax”.

Anything thing we do, we can do it better when we are relaxed.

We use the Tai Chi movements, which are very difficult to perfect

as a framework that we are trying to relax around. This to me

is a metaphor for those moments in life when we are are put in

 difficult or stressful positions. Those are the moments that having

 the abilities to relax, breath deeply and focus are priceless.

Both the founder of the style of Tai Chi I teach and my teacher were Doctors of Chinese Medicine. This greatly influenced their interpretation of the form. Each posture, when done correctly, should be like an acupuncture treatment, opening the meridians and allowing energy to flow through the body. There is a strong focus on breathing into the abdomen because this stimulates the internal organs. 70% of American health issues have  been traced to people only breathing into the chest area.

Tai Chi has been proven to reduce arthritic pain and improve joint movement

In class, I explain the health benefits of the movements as well as the history and the philosophy of the movements.

I have an aversion to “just waving your hands in the air” so I explain what the application of each movement is,  not that I expect that any one will have to use it but I think it helps the learning process when you know why your arm is in that weird angle.

My classes are a workout but no one is asked to go beyond where they are comfortable.

Thank you



Tai Chi Chuan

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Mission Statement:

To promote the safe and productive practice of Tai Chi Chuan
for Meditation, Healing Arts, Fitness Training and Martial Arts.

To inspire people to practice Tai Chi and enhance their lives.

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