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Today I’d like to talk to you about Joy. When I look at most examples of the Buddha, he’s smiling.

                     Didn’t he say” life is pain”

later understood to mean “Life is pain but the suffering is optional”.?

                   So why is he smiling?

He’s smiling because he is happy to see you. When you are looking at him you are looking at the best and highest part of yourself and that part is happy.

                Happy to be alive,

       Happy to experience new things,

Happy knowing that this is all temporary and will soon fade away.

Happy because he feels he is connected to everything and everyone.

As the experiencer of everything and the knower of past, present and future, he can choose any mood he likes but he chooses the smile, That gesture that we use to tell others that we are friendly and ultimately it is the Buddhas friendliness that is at the heart of the practice.

Becoming a friend to yourself

becoming a friend to others

Becoming a friend to the universe

That is where joy can be found

We, like the Buddha can and should decide the mood that we will inhabit during the day. Stuff will happen today. Will I indulge in victim-hood – “Oh why me, Why me” or Blame – “it’s someone elses fault” or Passing the buck – “someone needs to deal with it” or Denial – “let’s just ignore it and maybe it will go away” or will I put on a smile and try to make friends with whatever is in front of me?

The ability to choose your state of mind is a priceless freedom.

To be free from the thoughts and ideas of others is a freedom that can become addictive.

Freedom is addictive and so is joy

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