Life is always sending you opportunities to grow. So what makes something an opportunity to grow?

First it has to have some taste of adventure, something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It usually means making a change in your routines or ways of thinking. It may bring up voices of doubt and public outcry in your mind. It may or not be something that you want to do.

But somewhere inside you, in your heart, you feel a little excitement. Maybe a glimmer of a rising sun of understanding, A hopeful feeling of change.

We have a lifetime of opportunities to connect with the youngest child within us. to laugh and gurgle at this amazing planet full of plants, flowers, birds, squirrels strange mammals, some that talk.

We have a lifetime of opportunities to connect with the creative self within us. To take something from our inner being and reveal it to ourselves and see that it is the reflection of our inner beauty although always slightly distorted from the transition.

We have a lifetime of opportunities to connect with the worker self within us. The one that accomplishes the tasks that are needed for our material and mental well-being.

You might want to see opportunities as forks on the road of life. Some turns lead to steep hills and rough weather, other to placid lanes, others to views as yet unimagined and also like the road of life, you can’t turn back. That turn you took back there, no longer exists. Oh the people involved may exist but they are also not the same persons, again slightly altered by their own passage on the road of life.

While we can’t know where each fork will lead us, at least can try to choose with our hearts and gut feelings the forks that would be the most fun for us.

And why fun? because we have an allotted time span as human beings,
We know that our time will end, with that knowledge, how can we let ourselves despair for one moment?

Not while life is constantly changing in front of us.

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