What is spirit?


Spirit is the part of you that knows that there is more to you than just the physical body, It’s that part of you that responds to nature, to music, to art, to love, to beauty, to dance, to silence.

Spirit is non-judgmental, it knows that today’s fall, error or mistake is just another spade full of dirt dug out of the well of wisdom and all occurrences are steps to growth.

It is unsullied by any guilt that people try to impose, it is fearless because it knows that all things eventually change and die except the spirit.

People say “Show me spirit” and I say “Show me the wind”.

You can feel the wind but can you describe it?

Can you hold it in your hand?

Can you see it?

You can see its effect as it pushes leaves around or becomes a tornado and tears up the landscape.
Its the same for spirit, we can feel it and sometimes it touches us gently and sometimes it tears our lives apart.

It is an observer and can also be an adviser in our lives. Yes, I said lives, The concept that your spirit keeps being reborn into different bodies every time you die is called “Reincarnation”.

The idea of reincarnation is at the core of most mystical belief systems. The spirit is thought to be a passenger, maybe more like a back seat driver as you go through different lives. It observes life through us as we observe life through our senses.

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