Fools for love, truth, kindness.


We all like to take pride in our mental capabilities. We would like those around us to see us as smart, down-to-earth people, fully capable of leading our lives.

 As we grew up, we were taught that the religion, family and the country that we are born into have the correct answers and that anyone who has a different answer is misguided, foolish or even evil.

At school we learned never to show our ignorance and never to look foolish and that there is only one right answer to every question.

I believe that when it comes to spirit, we need to allow ourselves to be fools. To be fools for love, truth, kindness. We need to examine the beliefs we were given and ask ourselves is this true for me?  We were taught to assume that someone else has the correct answer. But ask yourself “How do they know?”

I’d like to invite you imagine a multiple universe with multiple answers. Each answer being true for that one universe. We are all separate universes and what is true in your universe can be totally wrong or different in another.

Take for example peoples perception of God. Someone living in India has a deep experience of feeling spirit and they may see a vision of God as a blue skinned entity. If a person living in a Christian culture has this type of experience he or she might see a vision of Christ. A person from a Buddhist culture might see the Buddha. They are all feeling something and their beliefs and cultural upbringing takes that experience and turns it into something they were taught it should be. If we can look just a little bit higher, we might see that we are all experiencing the same thing.

Still your thoughts

Look deep into your heart

and learn what is true for you.

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