Making friends with Trees

Your first take on a tree might be “Hey it’s a tree just like any other tree” but if one takes the time to sit and contemplate a tree. You start to see deeper into it. You can start to feel its aliveness.

Try to imagine what it’s like to be rooted into the earth. To have sap run from your roots, just under your skin through your body, out to the branches and into your leaves. To have your branches extended out into a blind universe. To have each leaf be a sensor to let you know about that outside world. Try to understand what a tree’s experience is. It has no eyes, no ears, no sense of smell. Studies have shown that plants do have a sense of touch. When you cut them they feel the equivalent of pain and distress.

A rather interesting study found that when researchers came in to the room to cut a piece of a plant, the sensors that were attached to the plant showed that it exhibited anxiety and fear. It felt danger without having ears or ocular abilities. More research showed that it transmitted its fear to other plants in the room.

So if you take the time to “feel” a tree, you might be able to open doorways to a different kind of experience. When you can start to feel the trees “non-physicality” then you can start to have a conversation. Starting a conversation with a tree is just like starting a conversation with a person. Hi how are you? Trees can be your friends, they can comfort you, heal you and just help you remember that we are alive and all we really have to do is be. I once sat with an old tree out in the desert, it kept calling me “young-ling” and was surprised to be having a conversation with me.

The feeling I get when I commune with trees is the realization that the earth is alive, that even the smallest pebble has some form of consciousness.

Our logical minds tell us, “ No, all you see is all there is” but everything is alive and calling us to take notice.
When we follow the logical mind, we remove ourselves from the possibility of magic and mystery.
The logical mind can only work with what it can manipulate. But the universe can not be manipulated, it just is.

Being on a spiritual path is being constantly reminded that anything is possible and that everything is always changing. But the one thing that we can never do enough of  is to let ourselves to be free. Free from the thoughts and ideas of others

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