Your mind is a car

Imagine your thinking mind is a car that’s always in gear and with no brakes.
you speed it up by hitting the gas and slow it down by releasing the gas but you can’t stop.

Meditation doesn’t shut the engine off. It just puts the engine in neutral.
The engine is still running but it is not engaging the drive train and can’t go forward or back.
The mind is still awake but it’s not being engaged in thoughts about the future or the past.

Soon the car slows to a stop.
There is no need to steer or be in control because nothing is happening….except the view.

The view is the moment before us, nature constantly shifting and changing,
The variations of light from dawn to dusk to darkness and back.
The sounds of life, birds, children, dogs, horns,sirens
The view is also the moment within us.
the feel of your body on the chair, your breathing,
you feet touching the floor, the temperature of the room
the silence you can feel inside your body.

All of  these things were happening before we put the engine in neutral.
Before you dis-engaged your thinking mind, you couldn’t see or hear life in front of you
because you were too busy driving the car.
Driving for the fun and adventure of being alive is a fun thing to do, after all why not enjoy life.
Just like you get driver fatigue, you get thinking fatigue.
Sometimes it good to stop for a while, to let things rest.

Trying to arrive at peace and quiet through your thinking mind is
like trying to arrive at a uphill destination in a car with no brakes.

Meditation can be your rest area on your journey through this sometimes bewildering universe.

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