What you focus on you become

Well, you touched something and it grabbed you. Or something touched you and you grabbed it. Either way, you found yourself pulled into a lower state of mind.

The following can be read, but it would be best if you would memorize these words or similar words of your own. The words should come from your heart with a full understanding of what you are doing.

“Hi (their name).

First of all, I want you to know that I am seeking liberation not only for myself, but also for everyone in my life. In order to reach this goal, I must first free everyone in my life and be free of them.

With this in mind, I now stop any angry hurtful energies, guilt’s, fears, conditional love and expectations I may have had concerning you. I forgive myself for any bad behaviors and judgments I may have had toward you. You are no longer my responsibility or burden. I remove any codependent promises or agreements and control dramas that I have placed upon you. As I reclaim my power and light, I also give back to you any light or power I have taken.

You are not, and never were the limited being that I have held in my consciousness. You are an eternal soul experiencing life in your own unique way. I set you free.

(Imagine yourself removing all of the hooks that you have into this person and these hooks and cords being returned back to their place below your navel. This should be done without emotion)

I now remove any hooks from my being that you have placed on me. They are returned to you as your stuff. They do not belong to me and are no longer wanted or needed. I am no longer defined by you. I accept you in my life as a part of my experience of life, but
not as a controller or definer of who or what I am. That is for me and me alone to work out. I release you from any of your codependent promises and agreements. I refuse to be snared back into the old ways of perceptions that we have had with one another. I let you go now.

(Imagine all of the hooks that this person has placed into you being taken out and returned to them without emotion. Next imagine the holes, where these hooks used to be in both of you, being filled up with golden light)

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