What is personal power?

We are all born with a certain amount of energy. This energy is like the wind, it’s not visible to the naked eye but like the wind, you can feel its effects. So what is the feeling of personal power? It’s feeling that you are in the right place in the right time, doing the right thing. It’s being able to laugh and play. It’s feeling secure, independent and happy. It means that your mind is focused on what you want rather than drifting around on the winds of change. It’s the ability to meditate so well that one is free of the thoughts and ideas of others.

It’s having the power to see a larger and longer view on ones life.

Put simply Real Personal Power is the ability to be happy no matter what the circumstance.

We meet people who just shine with energy; it seems we just like them. Really great salesmen have this quality, that just makes you like and trust them.

How does someone become president of the U.S.?

Why does someone like Adolph Hitler come to power?

Why do some people seem to be more successful in life?

From these examples, it seems that personal power is more about with defining your goals, developing your will and focusing your energy towards your goals.


Why do some people seem to have a happier time than others?

Why do some people seem to be more at peace than others?

Maybe what our goals are determine the results we will get.

“You are what you think” – A Buddha

What and how we think affects our perceptions of the world and our perceptions rule our futures. If one thinks that they live in a paranoid and hostel world, then everything gets filtered by that mindset and everything that happens just confirms that mindset. We can read diaries of great spiritual leaders and see that those that think the world is full of love and magic experience a world of love and magic.

Our personal power can be measured by how we use that energy.

Gaining Energy

Meditation practice is the best way to increase and store energy because most of our energy is lost in our minds because we think about worry, fear, anger and guilt.

The reason we let this happen is because we were all raised by people whose programming was centered on those four things. It seems almost revolutionary to drop out of Worry, fear, anger and guilt but it’s really evolutionary because those four models of behavior are not making us happy. They all had their uses when we lived in caves and danger was all around us but we’ve passed that time. The Fight or Flight response doesn’t seem to be helping us get along in this modern world.

When you take the time once or twice a day to quiet your mind.

Losing power

The places that people lose most of their energy are in their relationships with other people and especially those that we are closest to. If you look at those closest to you might find those are the people who can make you feel great and also those are the people that can make you feel terrible. How did these people gain control over our minds and emotions? We are all slightly psychic and are reading everyone around us all the time.

If you look at the media, you can see that it’s all about promoting all of those negative ideas.

As young children, we have a desire to please our guardians, not just for emotional needs but for everything else. These guardians know everything and are always right.

It’s only later in life that we see that maybe the guardians don’t really know it all and we start to question the rules and ideas that make up our internal world.

If you’ve ever gotten a puppy, you’ll notice that it learns to do the things that please you

Having Personal Power also means being able to love, being able to unconditionally accept people as they are, with and comparison or thought. I saw a bumbersticker once “I’m waiting for non-judgment day”. “In judgment ,there is pain” , every time we separate ourselves from life by saying that’s not me, we enter into a dualistic mind set, a mind set that can only have winners and losers, we then stay attached to that mind set and everything we see ,gets filtered and odd are you will lose 50% of the time. It’s hard for us not to judge, we’ve been taught that’s that the sign of a smart person, “show me the money” but I’d rather live in a fools paradise than a wise man’s hell, A wise man has all the answers and is pretty bored most of the time, after all if you know what’s going to happen, it’s not like your going to expect any surprises. The fool lives in a magical world, where without judgment, things are as they are neither good nor bad. A fool has preferences but he’s not too attached to them (That would be nice, but it’s okay if it doesn’t work out”

How do you define your goals?

We could split them into work & play or further into body mind and spirit

How does one develop ones will?

Meditation is the start because you learn to focus

How does one focus your energy to your goals?

By filling in all the holes where you are losing energy

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