Stop meditating!!

Well, not exactly. To be more exact, stop using the word, meditation.

Meditation, although still somewhat new to our western culture, already has been tainted and obscured. Just like god or spirit everyone has their own idea of what meditation is or what it should be.

And for those on the spiritual path, we can easily get caught up in the mindset of, I should meditate, I’m supposed to meditate more, other people meditate better. . . Nonsense. At that level, its become just another religion;
laced with guilt, false expectations and judgment. It becomes something we
have to do to appease some higher being, rather than something we do simply
because it makes us feel good.

Because we put meditation in the blender along with everything else we need to
do buy paper towels, go to the bank, write thank you cards somehow buying paper
towels and going to the bank often takes precedence. We say to ourselves, let
me get this stuff done and maybe if I have time, I’ll meditate later. So this
being said, I ask you to change the word meditation with beauty, clarity and
fun. So when youre starting your day off, see how all the stuff you have to
get done (the paper towels, the thank you cards) weighs against discovering
your beauty, finding greater heights of clarity and just smiling and laughing
more. And maybe, just maybe you’ll prioritize that 15 minutes of silence and
stillness over the endless revolving list of daily tasks. And the trick of it
is, if you start your day with a little meditation, doing those mundane tasks
are much more enjoyable. While everyone else is standing in line, irritable
and impatient, you could be the one with a curious and inexplicable silly grin
on your face.

We have somehow convinced ourselves that we just don’t have the time to
meditate even 15 minutes; we just can’t spare it. For a select few of us,
it is upon this recognition that we take a moment and decide were going to take
charge of our lives, of our minds, of our consciousness. We dare to ask, just
who is running the show here. Instead of being a little leaf being blown about
by the winds of habit, desire, society. . . we decide its more fun to
be the wind itself.

Just remember that before you had a name, before someone decided if you’ll wear
pink or blue, before all these layers were put on you, you still existed.
Meditation is the peeling back of these layers. It is the discovery of the
self, the immortal, untouchable, unnamable self.

Take the time to discover your own beauty, find the hidden gems and mysteries
that lie within you. There is no guilt, there is no incrimination, no judging
god. There is only you perfect and free. But until there is awareness, we live
and believe in the lie that we are all these other things. Take the time to
stop and not give into the madness.
Get your paper towels later.

One Response to Stop meditating!!

  1. Ian says:

    Great way of changing the way we perceive meditation. I always perceive it as something I have to do like a duty rather than a gift and an opportunity to expand my awareness.

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