Sample Meditations

For all of the following, find a quiet, comfortable place to sit.

Breathing Meditation

Breath is so basic yet we rarely pay attention to it unless, of course, we have a breathing difficulty.
In this exercise we try to pay complete attention to the breath.

Close your eyes and begin to pay attention to your breathing.
Follow the inhalation and the exhalation.
Try to be aware, also, of the pause between the breaths.
Don’t try to control or change your breathing — just notice it.

When thoughts come up,

keep bringing your attention back to your breathing

and in the beginning, thoughts will constantly come up.

It will become quieter.


Heart Meditation

Many spiritual traditions consider the opening of the heart the beginning of meditation.
In this exercise we will be focusing on feeling the area around the middle of the chest.

Close your eyes.

Try to feel the area around your heart.

Does it feel heavy, tight, open?

No matter what you are feeling, stay with it.

For many of us, the heart is a very vulnerable place so emotions may be stirred.

Whatever comes up,

keep bringing your attention back to your heart.

Chakra Meditation

In many different practices there is an idea of centers of energy in the body. In Martial arts, the area about an inch below the navel is the center of power or the Power Chakra. The center of the chest is a point most people are sensitive to and is called the Heart Chakra.  The middle of your forehead, about an inch above your eyebrows is called the Third eye.

The focus is one of feeling, not thinking.
We sit in meditation and attempt to keep all our attention on a Chakra usually the Navel, the Heart or the Third eye.
Each time our mind wanders away from that focus, we gently bring it back to feeling the Chakra.
Every time we notice we are thinking, we lay those thoughts aside and return to feeling the Chakra.

By keeping our focus steady:
we reside in the present moment.
We are not thinking about the past or the future.
We are right here, right now.

Good luck!

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