Why a meditation table?

seashore1After experiencing the high of a group meditation, many are inspired to give meditation a try on their own. Often they find it difficult to get started and even more difficult to keep up a daily practice. They start to forget how good meditation feels and eventually just give up. They need something to keep its importance in their minds.

A TV set dominates a room and will draw one’s attention whether it’s onor not. It draws your attention just by being there. Many people cannot walk by their computers without checking their email. It draws your attention just by being there.

A meditation table can do the same thing. When you wake up in the morning and see it, the memories that you have of quiet moments sitting in front of it may inspire you to sit down before you run out into the world. After work, it may remind you that it is a place to wind down before taking on the evening. At night, another reminder of how good it feels just to sit and be with yourself.

If you would like to start creating your own table, first find a quiet place in your home where you won’t be disturbed during your sessions. Choose a place that offers you as much privacy as possible, a place with little noise or human traffic, perhaps in your bedroom or a spare closet. Keep your spot private — this is your sacred space.

After you’ve found a good, out-of-the-way spot, decide what kind of table you would like to make for yourself. See this as a fun, creative and holy project. A meditation table can be your altar, church, sacred spot, power center, home, place of refuge or any other meaning you want to give it .

If you sit in a chair to meditate, you will need a taller table than if you sit on a cushion on the floor. Be creative! A colorful cloth can make the table more inviting. Maybe you’d like a simple Zen type of table, with just a flower in the middle or perhaps a candle. You may like to adorn your table with items that have meaning to you — a rock, a picture, a statue etc. Good incense contains aromatic oils that can soothe your central nervous system and help to create a mood for meditation. A book of spiritual contemplation’s next to the table is nice to have when you need a little inspiration. This is your spot so you can do whatever works for you.

If meditative music helps you focus, then have that set up before you sit down. Make the sitting-down part as easy for yourself as possible. Use the music to cover up noise or movement if needed. Otherwise, you can meditate in silence.

And remember to have fun with it.

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