The right time to start meditating

Many people have dabbled in the idea of meditating. They like the idea of it.  It has aroused their curiosity and they’ve tried it once or twice.woman-meditating3

However after a few scattered attempts many people say, I just have too much stuff going on right now,

it’s not the right time or my mind is just too crazy;
I’d like to but I just can’t.
The first step of meditation is simply realizing how incessant
and out of control your thoughts are

So if you have tried sitting and you feel like you’re thinking even more,
you’re right on course.

Everybody’s path is different.
For some, the first time they sit down they “take off.”
For others, while they may not be consciously
aware of anything happening right away, they are still drawn back.

We are a pill society, wanting immediate and lasting results.
With this in mind,
it is very important not to judge your meditations once you are done.
It is those thoughts which will impede the energy of that meditation to manifest.

Often you will find that directly following a meditation you feel very similar to how you felt prior to sitting.
However, it is quite common at some point later in the day to
find yourself in an inexplicable happy, even giddy mood for no apparent reason.
Soon enough you will be getting strange looks from your coworkers and friends
because you start laughing or smiling out of nowhere!

Chi Dharma

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