How to be a successful meditator

First, you must know that there is no measure of success or failure. But if you need a lithmus test, it would be noticing how happy you are on a day to day basis.
If you are one who is only interested in immediate results,you may find meditation discouraging.

The following visualization is effective in describing the nature of how we change through meditation.

Imagine you are a glacier sitting in the ocean. Every day a little bit of you melts off.
Some days, huge chunks fall. While it may seem that nothing is happening,
one day you find yourself completely dissolved in the ocean of which you were always
a part of but have made the mistake of seeing yourself as separate from.

Have a sense of humor

This may be the most important thing as you progress down this path of inner study.
We must always remind ourselves not to take this whole thing so seriously
If you can laugh at yourself,

laugh at your mistakes,

your pitfalls,

your faults,
you will walk through this life with much greater ease and enjoyment.

This life fades so quickly,

what is there to be so serious and stoical about anyway?

Make it a habit:

As with anything, if you make meditation something you have to do every day right along with showering and brushing your teeth. It will be much easier for you than if you just try it once a week or once every few weeks.
The best two times to meditate during the day are sunrise and sundown.

At these moments, there is an energy which makes it a little easier to hook onto the earth’s energy.
Be honest with yourself:
Be brave enough to look at your life and be willing and open to drop the things that are not making you happy.

These things may range from anything from
your group of friends,
your wife or husband,
your job,
the place you live,

your thought patterns and habits…
Understand that not everything exists in logic.

The path of Buddhism is a paradox.

If you truly want to be happy,
make it a point to make other people happy!

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