The amusement park


Sometimes I think of life as an amusement park and we are all trying out the different rides.
Take the roller coaster ride, one moment, I’m headed upwards to a new and brighter future,
the next moment I’m hurtling down towards failure and possible derailment.
At the last possible moment, things change and I am once again seeing the sun break through the clouds the future is looking bright.

I think of the state of meditation as that moment when the roller coaster car reaches the top
and before it begins to descend.

The car is sitting still and you are at the very top,
looking over the whole park,
the activities below seem
removed and far away.
You can feel the wind and hear the babble of sound.
You are experiencing the moment and are aware of being alive.

Then you move your focus back to the outside world and once again you’re on the
roller coaster heading for certain disaster or glorious victory.
What would make the ride fun is if we could remember that this is just a ride and that
you can wave your hands in the air and go “Whee” and enjoy yourself as the ride takes you through its gyrations.

Maybe you’re bored with your current ride. You’ve seen the same ups and downs
and have started to know every turn or maybe the current ride was fun in the beginning
but now it seems like a bad dream and all you want to do is to get off.

It’s an amusement park!

Look around and decide what kind of ride would be fun to try.
Some rides mean standing in line, studying manuals and taking tests before you can get on
them but the ride might be worth the wait.
Some rides go by so fast that it’s all a blur of non-stop events.
Other rides might be a slow canoe ride on a gentle river. You can change the ride at any time.
Yes, it does take effort to go from one ride to another but why be bored when you can have a new adventure?
I judge a ride by its heart.

Is it alive?
Does it add meaning and depth to my experience?
Is it fun?
Would I rather be doing this than anything else?

It’s hard to raise your hands in the air and enjoy the ride when your mind tells you disaster is imminent but my friend, all we have is this moment;

anything else is a dream of the mind.

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  1. Ian says:

    Great metaphors!

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