Setting up a meditation practice

Set everything up the night before so you don’t have to fuss too much in the morning.

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

Choose a place that offers you as much privacy as possible, a place with little noise or human traffic.

Keep your spot private — this is your sacred space.

Disconnect the phone.


A meditation table gives you a place to focus your energy.(Put a candle, flowers, a picture or anything on it that inspires you.

Good incense contains aromatic oils that can soothe your central nervous system. Meditate in silence if you can, but if you are being distracted by city noise, try using meditative music to cover the noise

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Setting up a meditation schedule

If you are a beginner: We suggest meditating in the morning, for fifteen minutes.

After six months:
if you feel you’d enjoy it, you might want to increase your sitting time to half an hour.

If this feels good, try sitting twice a day.

Right after you wake up is the prime time to meditate – when your mind is calm and it is easier to concentrate.
Meditating after work or in the evening can allow you to shift into a more relaxed mode after thinking all day.
A meditation before going to bed can help you to wind down and have a deeper sleep

Posture SuggestionsSitting on the floor. (Use a cushion under your butt to help keep your back straight)

Sitting in a chair (Use the back of the chair to help you sit straight)

Stand ( try googling “standing meditation postures”)

Lie down (but not in bed, one tends to fall asleep).  It’s helpful to have a small pillow underneath your head

Use whichever posture feels comfortable to you,
just remember to keep your spine straight.

Shower/bathe before you meditate.
If you don’t have time, then wash your hands and face.
Water can neutralize a great deal of the negative energy that our bodies accumulate.

If you have trouble waking up, have a cup of tea or coffee before you begin.

Avoid conversation as much as possible before you begin.

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