Nadav Aharonov and Margo Goodman (two fun-loving meditators) have been studying various styles and traditions of meditation since 1987. Because the help they have received over the years in developing and maintaining a meditation practice had been so important to them, they felt moved to pass the teachings on. In 2001 they began teaching to help anyone interested in self-discovery learn more about meditation and spiritual practice. They started renting rooms in churches, community centers, schools, etc. to offer free, drop-in classes. Their on-going, weekly class at the University of San Francisco gave them the opportunity to see the vast and beautiful changes that happen over a period of time when people regularly come together to breathe, focus and stop their thoughts. In July 2007, They moved to Portland Oregon to teach Meditation, Spiritual practice and Tai Chi, where they are having the time of their lives. Their current motto is:

What you focus on, you become”


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