What is Meditation?

Most of us have experienced a moment of grace at least once in our lives.
A moment when everything is very still and beautiful.
We forget our current piece of gnawing turmoil,

our plans for the future, our remembrances of the past,
We just stop.
It can happen anywhere and at any time –
while you’re out in nature or when you stop to appreciate a beautiful sunset
or maybe when playing with a puppy or even washing the dishes.

If you think back on those moments, you might remember that you had stopped thinking.


Those moments are meditation.

Oh, you were aware of what was going on but for a little while you stopped listening to your mind’s constant chatter. Even when we’re sleeping our minds are working away,
monitoring the body and creating dreams.
Our subconscious mind is relentlessly sorting the days events into some kind of order.
When we are awake, our minds go into overdrive and the thoughts just don’t stop.

“What will they think?”,

look how they hurt me”,

“I’m no good”,

“I’m good”,

“I’m lonely”,

“I’m better then him,

“I’m worse then her”,

“I’m this”,

“I’m that”.

We are all trapped in this cage of thoughts that run round and round and round again.
Is it any wonder that people binge on drugs or alcohol to try to escape ?
A cartoon character once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us”.
All of us can get caught up in some form of self-hatred and do the things that we know are not in our best interests. We live in a time where things are speeding up and the world seems more and more stressed.
We may feel we are falling behind in doing all the things that need to be done or even worse, feel overwhelmed and unable to accomplish all the things that we think need to be done.

These moments are not meditation.

If you could have a choice, what moments would you want to have in your life?
Everyone I know would like to be happy, healthy and at peace.
So why aren’t people happy?
Maybe it’s because we get trapped in the loops of our thoughts
and when caught in those loops,
it’s difficult to see our way out.

Meditation practice gives you the power to shut down the loops, to ignore the chatter and to just feel the moment.
It’s like wiping clean a very dusty mirror so you can see yourself clearly.

Is meditation a magic bullet?

Will it make you smarter and more attractive ?
Hey, that’s just for starters.
People who practice meditation report that their focus is sharper and it’s easier to organize their thoughts.
Many people who practice meditation also report being more relaxed and at peace with themselves.
When you’re relaxed and at peace with yourself, you’re naturally more attractive.

Meditation does take practice.
It’s like doing push-ups, at first you’re unable to do any but if you keep at it,
you start to develop stronger muscles and soon your doing a lot of push-ups.
Meditation is much more fun than push-ups.

It gives you something more :

The chance to have a life more

fascinating and beautiful than you ever imagined.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries in every human culture.
It has been used for self-discovery, healing, martial arts, sports, to relieve stress
and to clear the way to enlightenment ( no small task!)

Most practices that have to do with meditation, embrace the concept of stopping thought.

Not stopping thought like being a zombie or a vegetable but just sitting there, being aware, aware of your body, maybe your environment.

Not having any thoughts about the past,
no thoughts about the future,
not trying to rush to the next thing, not making plans, not asleep,
Just Awake.

Sounds like a difficult thing to do doesn’t it? It is and it isn’t .

It takes a big commitment to make a change that will allow you to have the space and time to practice meditation.
It’s tough to sit down for five or fifteen minutes and not want to get up and go do something.
But once you have a consistent practice,
you have a space in your life for magical moments.

You get to experience what the philosophers and holy men call “The Now” .

For your investment of time and effort,
you gain an area for you to chill-out — a sanctuary for you to use when you need it.

Does your life change?

Yes, but what really changes is the way you look and think about your life.

It changes because once or twice a day you take the time to get away from
all those people and thoughts and ideas that are in your mind.

You get up from your meditation feeling refreshed and ready for the world or
if it’s late, you get up relaxed and ready for bed.

One of the purposes of this type of practice is to remind us that we are alive.
Just the act of taking a breath is enough.

This feeling of freshness and awareness of the newness of every moment
slowly starts to slip into our lives.

We start to have more and more moments of wonder.
We feel more in tune with the natural world.